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Iron Man Rise Of Technovore Dubbed Hindi 12 [Latest] 2022




After the Firebreak , Iron Man fights back to a city full of mutants. When Bucky visits , he discovers that the MODOK robot has been upgraded with a Steel Cage. Bucky is trapped inside the robot by the supervillain, until he is saved by a pair of superheroes: Wonder Man  and Batroc the Leaper . The heroes  and Bucky escape with the new  and the , but are pursued by Iron Man. The Avengers  and Iron Man discover that MODOK is also using a weapon  on cities across the , using his own technology in an attempt to turn the superheroes  against each other. When the  is used on Iron Man, he is forced to flee, as he is unable to control his armor. He is followed by Bucky, where they manage to leave the  behind when Iron Man has a  attack. Continuing his search, Iron Man discovers that MODOK is stealing energy from New York City's Central Power Plant. Iron Man arrives and engages MODOK in a fight, but after failing to gain the upper hand, MODOK releases several radiation-infused bombs. Iron Man is saved by the , who manages to use his powers to make the bombs harmless. Despite this, Iron Man is forced to flee as MODOK destroys the plant and transforms everyone who was evacuated into mutant versions of the . In retaliation, the mutants destroy Iron Man's armor. Iron Man goes to a  to make contact with Bucky. While there, Bucky encounters Major Glory, who is revealed to be a spy from MODOK. MODOK also takes on the form of Captain America, prompting him to find out more about him. When Captain America is held in an energy field, Iron Man uses the  to take on MODOK's powers. It is revealed that MODOK's weapon  is actually a device that was stolen from Captain America's . Captain America tries to explain to Iron Man that MODOK is actually attempting to replace him as the , but is interrupted by MODOK's transformation into Thor. Avengers vs. X-Men The  attacks the X-Men's Westchester base, killing several mutants in the process. Iron Man arrives and engages the  in a fight, where the two eventually team up to destroy the. Afterward, Iron Man goes to New York City to find out more about MODOK's technology and encounters the , who is now under the . Iron




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Iron Man Rise Of Technovore Dubbed Hindi 12 [Latest] 2022

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