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Call for Free Work from Teachers, Students, and Families

I want to offer free services for anyone interested in adapting or modifying lessons for any age group that is part of an inclusive community. To me, inclusion means that people with disabilities (and any other marginalized group) are fully participating members of their schools, classrooms, and communities. The type of work I'm excited about adapting helps promote those values.

I hope to make all materials I adapt for folks in the next few months open access on my site for others looking for adapted materials. The pandemic has been hard on all of us, and especially hard on those of us with more needs. Let me help you meet some of them by taking some work off your plate. I promise to work on my adaptations and modifications using the best research-based practices available and make them available to you for free, for as long as I can keep the site up. Send me your requests!

I can also offer screencasts on professional development topics if you think you might benefit from that (I love doing things for paraeducator development, as a former paraeducator myself). Topics I have done in the past are:

Disability Rights and the Social Model of Disability

Roles and Responsibilities in Special Education (for paraeducators...some of my favorite people)

Literacy Accommodations and Modifications

Math Accommodations and Modifications

Positive Behavior Support (Tier 1 through Tier 3)

Multi-tiered Systems of Support

Disability Identification Processes

Peer Supports

International Inclusion

Universal Design for Learning

I'm happy to do work on any other inclusive topics you find relevant and interesting :)

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